Oakley #Inresidence = summer of bike love

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This summer is shaping up to be a cyclists dream with a huge number of sportives for your delectation, and if you’re up for a long distance ride for a great cause there’s also Ride the Night. But following a walk through Exmouth Market we happened upon this delight: Oakley is treating London’s riders to a summer of bike love with its new pop up project, In Residence.

Feed your cycling obsession with a range of treats, from art exhibitions by Spoke London, weekly city rides with East London Fixed (FYI: In Residence do roadie rides too!), bike maintenance workshops courtesy of The London Bike Kitchen, adventure movies from the awesome team at The Bicycle Film Festival and of course live race screenings (did anyone sayGiro d’Italia?!) all this, together with some expert talks and more from Oakley-sponsored athletes.

It’s also a great place to sharpen up your bike maintenance skills if you’re a lapsed cyclist, or want to learn new skills like wheel building.

Here are some of the highlights for the coming week:

  • TODAY! Track Cycling for Beginners: Look forward to a relaxed ride with a chance to show off your track stand skills or grab a few tips and tricks.
  • May 30th Road Biking – intermediate: Time to turn the heat up, we will be taking you a little faster and further this time. Expect to put those legs to work.


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