Jump Start Your Fitness with James Winfield of Rebound UK – Guest Post

Credit: Rebound UK Credit: Rebound UK

James Winfield,Master Trainer at Rebound UK reveals the secret to getting into shape and toning up through a high energy, fast paced rebounding workout.

What is rebounding? A fun, high energy workout performed in the home or at the gym on a small circular trampoline designed to give extra spring and absorb impact. Sessions typically last 20 – 45 minutes and can be tailored to focus on cardio, strength and core, and sports specific routines. It’s all about the downward push through the balls of the feet, knees soft, and bending forward slightly at the hip, then a small jump, no more than 6 inches high. This creates gravitational pull which is at the heart of what makes rebounding work. At the bottom of the bounce your exercise body weight can be up to 3.24 times heavier than normal whilst at the top you are weightless.

This constant change in gravitational pressure works every single cell in the body, including internal organs, muscles and skin; making rebounding the most effective all-over body workout ever.

What will it do for me? Rebounding burns hundreds of calories each workout. Here’s how:

Detox: The pushing and jumping motion repeated throughout a rebounding session encourages efficient blood supply around the body, draining away toxins stored in our fat cells.

Feel the burn: Just 30 minutes per day could help you lose 1 stone in 3 – 4 weeks. Rebounding achieves this higher calorie burn due to the effect of gravitational pull. The increase in your exercise body weight causes your body to burn calories more quickly.

Tone up: Rebounding will change your body shape as it tones and tightens muscles and skin. Every single cell is worked including internal organs, muscles and skin – the pelvic floor and deep abdominal muscles are strengthened and the skin is tightened and toned. Bouncing on an unstable surface provides a constant balance challenge leading to the involuntary contractions of the deep core muscles. These are responsible for giving you a flatter tummy. You’ll improve your posture and reduce any back pain you might experience from daily chores and sedentary office jobs.

Exercise for all: It’s fun and suitable for all ages and fitness levels. You are in control of how hard you push, how fast you bounce. Squats, lunges, rotations and sprints are performed between bursts of jogging and bouncing, all on a low impact surface. To really feel the burn you can perform explosive plyometric exercises such as squat jumps or add extra resistance by using sand weights and resistance bands.

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With over 15 years as a Fitness Leader, James develops new and innovative fitness technology and training methods, specialising in Functional training, suitable for the Individual in a 1:1 or group setting, ensuring all-round fitness and wellbeing (diet & nutrition, physical exercise, relaxation and time management) James is a regular contributor to national fitness publications, including Ultra-fit magazine, Mens Fitness and Personal Trainer for Women. Qualifications include CHEK Practitioner – Level 2 (Corrective Holistic Exercise Kinesiology), Sports Injury and Rehabilitation VCTC, Urban Rebounding Master Trainer, Metabolic Typing advisor IMT, American College of Sports Medicine HFI.

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