Healthy Dine Out hits the UK

healthy dine out

Is it just us, or does the capital appear to be adding new juice bars, healthy food menu options and health food outlets every day? Sometimes it can be hard to keep up. Thankfully, Healthy Dine Out – the new platform for diners that are starting out in their wellness journey and want to try out healthier options – is here to help. The site uses the power of the crowd to help uncover some of the most delicious places to refuel, by identifying and reviewing menus that are healthy and taste great.

Created by Canadian founder Crystal Knutson, it started out as a mission to make more conscious decisions about eating well when eating out, which quickly spiralled into creating a platform to help others do the same: “On our site, we showcase everyday restaurants’ healthiest menu items with all of the details of what goes into the food. Including if an item is dairy-free, gluten free etc. We want to represent restaurants offering the public healthy menu items” says Crystal.

“So if you’re out with friends who are not on the same path as you, you can select a conventional eatery that meets both your needs and theirs, or convince them to try a more healthy option based on positive recommendations of meals from the community.”

Community is a very important aspect of the site – having a group of people online with whom you can share the journey towards a better diet is crucial towards making a healthy transition from steak-frites to raw treats.

Only this month Healthy Dine Out has started to focus on UK outlets with growing success – expect to find the red carmargue rice being recommended at Tibits, the gorgeous falafels at Comptoir Libannais and vegan treats at Cookies and Scream.  And what’s more, the site doesn’t only focus on dining out – you can get recipe inspiration as part of the site’s “healthy dine in” channel – making it a good place to get dinner party ideas.

So come on in and share your recipes and places that you love to eat here.



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