Haute couture meets cycling with Michaux Club

Credit: Michaux Club Credit: Michaux Club

Summer weather is a great motivator to spend more time on your bike. But what about commuting to the office, or heading out to meet friends? We’ll already assume you have a great outfit, but what about finding a bag that isn’t too sporty for the club or that big meeting?

Well Michaux Club has the answer. This hackney based cycle accessory designer has created a delightful collection of backpacks that combine combine winning style with functional sense.

This glamorous active fashion brand was inspired by the 1895 New York based Michaux Cycle Club –  on of the first organisations in the world allowing women to cycle in public. Michaux Club was created in 2012 when founder Rachel Bonney realised she was cycling to work every single day carrying two bags to her job in the fashion industry. Her designer handbag safe inside a practical sports bag; serving protection and comfort on her commute, until the beautiful bag emerged inside the office. As her cycle commute grew so did her requirements for function and comfort, but her desire for a beautiful bag remained, and so she turned to designing them.

Their latest collection features the delightful Ara backpack, which in our view is the ultimate in glamorous cycle chic. We’re huge fans of the burgundy bag, which embodies the perfect balance of elegance and practicality. It’s lightweight but strong enough to carry and laptop and a bike lock.

Credit: Michaux Club

Credit: Michaux Club

With clean, minimalist designs that can seamlessly make the transition from the office, to the client meeting and then the fitness studio, it’s a real fashion asset. They’re also water resistant (yet breathable) with reflective detailing for extra safety and adjustable shoulder straps. Our favourite feature was the super handy side-facing zip pocket, giving you easy access to your keys, wallet and iPhone.

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Just type vitalicious into the coupon code section at the shop checkout. You can find out more about the full range here.

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