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Credit: Violeta Beral Credit: Violeta Beral

Where wellness and vitality is concerned Instagram is often seen principally as the domain of foodies that are dab hands with a camera. But for those who have all the smoothie bowl recipes they could hope for already, we have something else for you: we’ve gone on a hunt for a new emerging breed of instagrammer – ladies of the action sports world who are making waves here in the UK and beyond.

Kelly Says Surf

This duo Hannah Bristow and Dannie MacLennan started out on a cold autumn day in Newquay as YouTubers, aiming to surf throughout winter, regardless of the conditions and try all types of waves. Their ethos is simple: Surf no matter what!


 Hazel Findlay

First introduced to climbing aged 7 (start ’em young! That’s what we say!) Hazel Findlay is a world renowned athlete in the climbing scene. After winning countless indoor bouldering awards, she is best known for being one of the youngest women to perform three free climbs of El Capitan, having climbed Freerider, 5.12d, in 2013, Golden Gate, 5.13a, in 2011 and Pre-Muir Wall, 5.13c/d in 2012. 

Shanaze Reade

BMX and Track Olympian and triple world champion Shanaze Reade initially had a background in track and field sports but then burst onto the BMX scene in 2005 where she competed in the men’s championships, Now she’s sponsored by Red Bull and is known for raising the profile of BMX –  and women’s BMX in particular. Go girl!


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Shirley Darlington-Rowat

Shirley started parkour 7 years ago at 21, after being attracted to the dynamism of the sport and now is a parkour coach who started She Can Trace an initiative designed to encourage female parkour participation in the UK and to act as a forum for practitioners to develop their skills.

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