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The ‘fourfits‘ – Natalie Vicki, Divine and Stefy are four fabulous and fashionable women on a hunt to find fun, new up and coming ways to keep fit. They write regularly on their site about the classes they go to, as they strive to meet their fitness and health goals. We catch up with them to find out what makes them tick…


All four of you came to fitness for different reasons – what would you say bonds you together?

This is going to sound really cheesy but I’d say our fitness journeys are so intertwined that it is one of our strongest bonds. There are times you can easily fall out of your fitness routine, especially due to personal life commitments and during these times we really lean on each other for support. We’re in a fourfits whatsapp group so every now and then you’ll see a message pop up like ‘I’ve been off for a few days and really need to get back into it, what classes are you girls going to this week? I’m coming!’ It really helps to have that support group and even if not all of us can make it, I guarantee one of us can.

You ladies seem very adventurous and try out lots of exciting workouts? How do you find the time to do it all?

We share an online diary so when one of us finds something new and cool to try out we log it on the diary so whoever is available can join. It is really difficult (especially trying to get four of us together) but we all try to put some time aside to work out and then have a catch up over a meal. We’ve also been known to take half days off work to be able to attend classes together!

We all have pretty hectic full time jobs so realistically there are times when you can’t make it to the gym or a class. It’s good to find alternatives even if they’re not as intense but it means you keep in your routine. Like going for a quick jog before work or during lunch, doing an online workout or a yoga session at home. There’s lots you can do with body weight so you don’t have to necessarily fork out loads on equipment.

Out of all the classes you’ve tried, can you narrow it down to a favourite or two? If so, tell us what you liked most about them?

Two is quite difficult between the four of us but there are a few that we try to attend regularly for different reasons:

Such a cool and gritty edition of a circuits class. Instead of lifting weights we’re lifting barrels or tires. Instead of jogging round the room, we’re doing agility exercises. It’s really fun and they still keep the cycle element with a couple of spin bikes as part of your circuit.

Some of us had never even lifted a bar before and even if we had held a bar it was to do squats from a weight rack so the ‘clean and jerk’ may as well have been another language. The guys at Basefit really help you learn to use the bar properly and grow your confidence to add more weight. There are no mirrors so you are forced to feel if you are holding the bar incorrectly and learn to move your body correctly to perfect your form. Brilliant class for anyone of any ability!

Not only does it help elongate and stretch out tight muscles after an intense workout, but it’s also soothingly relaxing, as focusing on breathing in the heat literally helps you sweat all toxic impurities and thoughts out of your body. You will definitely feel more centred, which is great after a tough day or week at work.

@Kelechnekoff shows you how to twerk that booty standing up, on the floor, upside down against a mirror AND even upside down on your partners lap (ice breaker or what?!) This class is not for the faint hearted but if you’re ready to let your inhibitions go and dance the hour away – we definitely recommend it. It’s such a laugh and everyone is there to have a good time so nobody is judging you!

Ok, we’ve grouped the four of these together because they share a common denominator – you die (ok not literally!) All four are highly intense and difficult in their own way, during the class you’re often asking yourself why am I here?! But you leave feeling fabulous and like you’ve just conquered a mountain!

There’s no doubt fourfits love a bit of CrossFit! The culture is amazing and really captures what we’re all about – full of support, camaraderie and not leaving anyone behind. Oh, and it’s a tough workout and the trainers look INSANE!

What does eating well look like for you?

I’d say it’s all about balance and eating according to your body’s needs. If I am more active, then I will feed my body the energy it requires, whether that is through carbs or more regular portions etc. On rest days I’ll eat lighter and perhaps add more proteins to help my body recuperate.

Its also very much dependent on your aim at the time, if you’re trying to lose weight or bulk then there are obvious food groups you should control or focus on but we would never advocate cutting out groups or meals at a time! After all, food was made to be enjoyed and we all love our food too much not to!

Can you share some tips for staying well and active whilst travelling?

Best tip I’ve found to keeping well and active whilst travelling, is to drink plenty of water to keep you’re body thoroughly cleansed. And also to make sure you get some good sleep. Travelling, particularly long haul, can really take its toll on your body and it needs time to relax and refresh.

Also when researching your holiday you can plan a day to do something both fun and active – no matter where you go there’s always something fun to do!

Beach holidays – snorkelling / diving
Country holidays – hiking / trekking
Winter holidays – skiing or yoga retreats
City holidays – find a map and plan a day of walking around the city instead of taxi or train

What activewear brands are you into right now?

Reebok. We just tried the new nano 5.0 and we are in love! Not to mention their cute bras and quotes on every piece – what more motivation do you need that your clothing telling you you’re “stronger than yesterday” or “the strongest girl you know!”

Nike huaraches are among some of our fave non-fitness trainers. I also love Nike running leggings, they hug and flatter in all the right places. I want to feel confident when I’m working out and Nike does just that!

Big LOVE to our fellow female Brits activewear lines: Lexie, Charlie Cohen, Laurie Nouchka! So chic and fashion forward! Forever 21. The cheap and cheerful alternative but still really cute !

Where do you find all the different workouts / classes you attend? 
We are always on the lookout for hot, new ways to keep active. Social Media – Twitter, FB & IG are great places to check out what’s up and coming in the fitness world. We also emails from different brands & studios so we do try to keep as up to date as we can.
fourfits are proud to be Somuchmore Wellbeing Warriors which has helped us discover even more cool & interesting classes around London. Somuchmore is a simple and hassle free way to gain access to over a thousand classes.

Some of the classes we listed are available through – if you want to give them a go please visit the website (or download the app) and use our code MOREFOURFITS for a 14 day free trial and £25 off your first month!

Somuchmore also have a strong focus on holistic living which we admire as it is not always about the hardest, toughest work out but about a lifestyle, personal growth and the wellbeing of the mind, body & soul. Please do contact us if you want to give it a go, as we’d love to join you!

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