Urban retreats, yoga practice + big (self) love with Julie Montagu

Credit: Julie Montagu Credit: Julie Montagu
Julie Montagu has been whipping up a storm in the worlds of yoga and clean eating – publishing her acclaimed book, Superfoods, running her Flexi Foodie Academy for those wanting to know more about nutrition and of course teaching classes too. We managed to grab a few moments with her to talk about what she’s enjoying doing now, and some great plans for the future. Questions by Heleana Quartey.
One of the things that we’re passionate about here at Vitalicious is helping people enjoy the journey of fitness and not become fixated about whether they look like this trainer, or that celeb etc. Tell us how you bring the fun to your popular classes at Triyoga. 
I literally have all ages, body sizes – walks of life – coming to my class at Triyoga which I totally love.  I remind everyone at the start of class that this practice is for them – for their amazing bodies and incredible minds.  And to take a moment to thank their bodies for all the work it does for them each and every day.  I also remind them something that I even tell my kids – if we were all the same, life would be incredibly boring.  So, I really want people to come to class to celebrate who they are, what they are – looks/body types and all.  And then have a great time and walk away loving themselves just a bit more.
What form of yoga do you most like to practice in class? Do you have a set approach towards your classes or do you go with how you’re feeling?  
 I always teach a dynamic vinyasa flow class because it’s the style that I love to teach the most.  I have loads of energy and am always on the go – so teaching this type of class is kind of who I am – fast flowing and constantly moving! I know this might surprise some, but I’ve never ever themed a class – it’s just not me.  I listen to my gut on the morning, afternoon or evening that I”m teaching and literally teach from the heart.  I read not only the energy of the class, but to be honest – my energy too! For example, if I’m having ‘one of those days’… I figure so are others  and so I teach to that – I then incorporate that in my class because it would be impossible for me to get it right for everyone anyway, so that’s why I don’t ‘theme’.  To me, it’s more authentic to the way and how I teach.
We think it’s really important that there’s more self-esteem raising messages out there for women getting into fitness, as it’s easy to get sidetracked by a tonne of body shaming stuff that just gets in the way of people’s initial motivations for getting fit in the first place. What’s your approach towards helping people bring some self long along with them on their wellness journey?
Wow, you just asked my favourite question of all time!  I am 100% all about self-love. And btw – there’s a huge difference b/w self -love and narcissism – but that’s for another time!  For me, I’ve had issues in the past about loving exactly who I am and so that’s why I’ve become such a worshipper – if you like – of the self-love movement.  Most people I find give, give, give – all their energy to their co-workers, bosses, families, partners and then don’t have anything left for them.  And when we’ve depleted our energy, given it away – it’s then nearly impossible to love yourself.  That’s when self-loathing can kick in.  And so, the first step to having a great relationship with your self is to work on loving yourself and that in turn will once and for all get rid of the comparing to others, body shaming and all those ugly feelings.  It is a work in progress with yourself but one that’s well worth the work!
Your upcoming August event Soul Sweat London looks like a great opportunity to shake of some stress and get centred – what inspired you to create this one day retreat?
I can’t wait for the 15th August! This day has been created out of so much love.  It’s the kind of all day workshop that I would want to go to and that’s really how it was created.  Plus, I”m doing it alongside an amazing yoga and meditation teacher, Ashley Turner, from Los Angeles.  It’s an all emcompassing day of yoga, meditation, coaching and transformation where you can sweat out your stress, clean your mental chaos and open your heart to release emotional baggage.  I simply cannot wait!
Anyone who knows you, also knows you’re a superfood expert –  but if If you were a superfood, which would you be and why?
Um, for sure a Chia Seed!  Not only because they’re nutritional powerhouses but also because when watered, they grow. Perfect.


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