Fitness Hack: Intuitive Exercise – Guest Post by the RawBrahs


We’ve been fans of US-based fitness trio the RawBrahs since their explosion onto YouTube back in 2011 with their crazy workout videos showcasing superhuman moves. We challenge you to watch some without wanting to jump up right now and start doing push-ups!

So what inspires them to try these wild things? How do they train? This guest post, written by T-Mango from the RawBrahs will give you some surprising answers…

To exercise or to not exercise. That is the question!

Ever had one of those days when you didn’t feel like working out, but you did it anyway?

Chances are you spent a good portion of your day battling the “I should really…”…”but I’m so tired” …”but I need to…” …”But I have so much to do” monsters whispering to you in the back of your mind.

On this particular day however, you managed to fight through the resistant chatter and you got that workout in. Remember that feeling of gratification? That elation that swept up through your body as you finished that last set of burpees when everything in you said, “I don’t feel like it today.”

Strong. Empowered. Electrified. Accomplished.

But what about the times you DID feel like working out and you just didn’t do it? You could feel your body aching to move, but maybe traveling, routine, or a busy schedule got in the way.

We live in a world that’s saturated with demands, distraction, and excuses and it’s easy to ignore our bodies when we have mounds of laundry to do or the latest episode of Game of Thrones is on. But remember how you felt later? You skipped your workout and you probably felt anxious because you didn’t listen to your body.

Then what did you do?

One of the ways that the RawBrahs hack into fitness is through continually checking in with our bodies throughout the day, watching for that spurt of energy- and when it comes, we drop everything and get to work.

To the busy person who spends most of the day in an office routine, at first glance, this may sound unrealistic. However, through all of our traveling and experimenting, we’ve found that there always seem to be ways that we can get a workout in, even in the busiest of life circumstances.

On road trips we do push-ups at rest stops, we bring gymnastic rings that we throw up into trees wherever we go, and when we’re expected to stand for long periods of time; you’ll often find us squatting instead.

It is so important to listen to your body when it’s telling you that it wants to move because your body is a machine. It intuitively knows what’s best for it at any given moment. Although it goes against many of our modern lifestyles, ignoring it when it’s telling you to move is like slamming the breaks on a car. Eventually the breaks will be worn out, squeaky, and will not work when you need them to.

Same goes for set workout routines. Sure it’s nice to have a schedule, but sometimes we can be too smart for our own good.

For example, if I show up at the gym and my schedule is to work out legs, but in my heart and mind, I can envision doing heavy bench presses on that particular day, I would be doing my body a disservice by ignoring that impulse and sticking with my scheduled leg routine.

In this situation, I would get less out of the workout because I’d be so preoccupied with my body telling me to bench press that I would lose focus on my scheduled leg routine and ultimately not be as present or work as hard as I would have if I had just listened to my body’s call to bench press.

This is one of the ways that our workouts are unique. We show up at the gym and ask our bodies, “What do you want to work out today?”

RawBrahs on retreat

That being said, here our top intuitive exercise tips to hack your fitness and get the most out of your workouts:

1. Don’t be so attached to your workout schedule. Workout schedules suck the fun and creativity out of your workouts. They also may work against what you’re body is telling you that you intuitively need on any given day; this includes rest.

2. Find a workout partner who is more advanced than you. Working out with someone who is more advanced than you will ultimately help push you to new levels of fitness. You won’t grow if you stay in your comfort zone.

3. Treat your body like a temple. Nourish it with the food that it’s telling you it needs. You’re body knows what’s right for it. Are you honouring it through eating intuitively? Prepare more of your meals yourself. 70% of gains are made in the kitchen.

4. Check in with your body throughout the day and really listen to what it’s telling you that it needs. Honour its needs. It’s so simple that it sounds crazy.

5. Have fun. Sounds crazy right!? Contrary to popular belief, working out shouldn’t feel like a chore. Intuitively, you’re going to be drawn to working out when you actually ENJOY what you’re doing. Follow that feeling and prepare to be high off endorphins!

About us

The RawBrahs, Daniel, Timothy, and Nathanael Eisenman, are three adventure-loving, life-hacking brothers from Athens, Georgia who are on a mission to start a revolution of authentic, healthy, and fully alive humans.

They host retreats around the world where we co-create space for people to form authentic relationships while teaching them how to release their fears in order to embrace their lives.

Their goal is to re-ignite the human passion for life through a series of workshops that exercise the principle of “self acceptance through self expression” that teach people how to “lose their minds” in order to reconnect with their hearts.

They co-create a space for emotional and social bungee jumping that explores the deepest depths of human connection, growth, and healing, while also exploring the importance of fitness, play, and total mind and body wellness in embracing the full capacity of one’s potential.

You can find more fun and crazy fitness tips on their YouTube channel at or at 


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