Exercise al fresco with Rooftop HulaFit® at The Berkeley

Credit: HulaFit Credit: HulaFit

Fancy shaking it like Shakira this summer in the name of fitness? Well now you can do it in the glorious sun and in plush surrounding with the advent of the The Berkeley Health Club & Spa’s rooftop hula-hooping masterclasses. In an unexpected fusion of Burning Man-inspired hula dancing and the louche environs of the Berkeley, leading hula-hoop fitness experts HulaFit® are going to show you why ‘the hips don’t lie’.

What’s more, it’s not just a quick twirl, you can burn up to 600 calories an hour during a hula-hooping workout session, and it’s apparently firm favourite with celebrities such as Liv Tyler and Emma Stone, and even Beyonce.

HulaFit® is the brainchild of Anna and and Rowan Byrne  who, between them both have extensive experience in the hula hoop and fitness industries, and they’re also the creators of the London Hoop Fest. They focus equally on fun and the fitness of hula-hooping, targeting core muscles for an intense abdominal workout.

HulaFit® uncovers a wide variety of hooping styles –  some designed to burn calories, some for toning muscles and also to teach you tricks that you can use to wow people at parties. At the end of the class Berkeley’s hula-hoopers also get to enjoy a relaxing dip in their gorgeous pool with lunch overlooking the glamorous Hyde Park and Knightsbridge.

HulaFit® classes are open to hotel guests and visitors each Wednesday from 12pm to 1pm From 7th June to 28th October.

Cost: £65 per person (incl. pool side lunch, complimentary use of the pool and a Berkeley hula-hoop, which can be taken home).

Fancy some of the action? Simply call the Berkeley Health Club and Spa reception on +44 (0) 20 7201 1699 or email hulahoop@the-berkeley.co.uk.

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