DIY cold pressed juice: It’s easy being green with Juico

The Juico cold pressed juicer The Juico cold pressed juicer

This is a sponsored post – we have been gifted this juicer as part of the review.

One of the unintended consequences of the London cold pressed juice bar invasion is that it’s made us all more aware of juicing in general, and keen to recreate that freshly pressed experience at home. A few years ago, telling someone that you had dropped over £300 odd on a juicer would get you laughed out of the pub, but now it’s normal – desirable even – to have a cold press machine taking pride of place in your kitchen.

When you do make the first foray into juicer shopping, there’s a dizzying array of things on offer and no one warns you about the models that take about 30 mins to clean on each use, so with all the good intentions in the world it can be easy to end up as one of those people that has a lovely machine gathering dust (and accumulating a fair amount of your own guilt along with it)!


So it’s with this in mind that we were invited to try out the Juico by Greenis UK, which features the first UK-made ‘easy clean’ slow juicer. This may sound like an oxymoron to seasoned slow juice fans who have already chalked up aeons scrubbing metal gears, but it’s true. We’ve given it a go here at Vitalicious and we’re pretty keen. Simply run a litre or so of water through the chute once you’re done for most juices, and if you have any stubborn tiny bits left at the bottom (celery can be a culprit for this) just pull off the juicing bowl, take out the screw and give the bowl a quick rinse. No scrubbing of gears, no disassembling up to 10 different machine parts, no soaking, no picking out tiny bits of spinach from unreachable corners of the machine. What’s more, it’s also quite quiet, which means no excuses for dodging that morning juice routine you’ve been promising yourself 😉

They do recommend a weekly clean of the screw and screen (assuming that’s your’e using it daily, fitness fans), which takes a bit more time, but not longer than it took to clean a twin gear slow juicer.

Of course one of the most important elements of any juice is the quality of the extraction –  after all, there’s no point in chucking a load of organic kale into, say, a standard centrifugal juicer, as it won’t extract the liquid effectively. The pulp was pretty dry, slightly less so than a twin gear, so while it’s not meant for doing a wheatgrass juice, it gives great results for a leafy green juice. It also does a good job on citrus too. Just remember to take out the pips!

Another helpful fact about the Juico is the fact that the plastics are BPA-free, so those keen to avoid hormone disrupting chemicals can also breathe a sigh of relief.

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