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Credit: Lunch BXD Credit: Lunch BXD

As Londoners we often have long working hours, a lunch break that is largely theoretical and not a huge amount of time to prepare and cook stuff. Throw in the odd festival weekend at SW4 or LoveBox and the days you could have used for your elaborate food prep and meal planning session has vanished! So how do you get your RDA of healthy food if you’re ‘time poor’ and there are no healthy eateries near your workplace?

This is where the new wave of healthy delivery companies come in – we caught up with the successful plant-based delivery company that’s of many healthy people’s lips (both figuratively and literally!) Lunch BXD. Co-founded by Naomi Twidgen and Anna Pinder came from the prestigious Leith’s cookery school to bring delicious, nutritionally sound meals to your door.

Interview by Editor Heleana Quartey

Credit: Lunch BXD

Credit: Lunch BXD

Training at Leith’s School of Food and Wine must have been amazing – what element of that experience has inspired the meals you create today?

It was. The course is focussed around classical French training (lots of pastry!), so didn’t directly influence the clean, wholesome style of the food we make today, but it allowed us to learn about food and cookery; why certain ingredients work together, why bread rises and so forth, which gave us the confidence to start create our own food and develop our own style of cooking.

Your meals are really colourful and vibrant – how do you decide colour combinations to ensure you don’t get that drab, watery taste that some salads can have?

It in’t something we consciously think about when we first create a dish – flavour always comes first but then we think visually, and textually about what will work. As we use lots of vegetable in their simplest forms their natural flavour is the focus, such as including a section of crunchy, steamed broccoli which naturally retains it’s bright colour too. Beetroot is one of our favourites at the moment though for adding a bit of wow (and nutritional value too) – Our beetroot boiled eggs for example are always a winner and fun to make at home. We want our food to be vibrant and fun.

What vegetable do you believe is most under-appreciated but can work wonders in a meal?

I don’t think people use cauliflower enough. It is great blitzed as a healthy base to a meal, or roasted with spices, herbs or cheese – we roast it with turmeric and cumin and feta to go with our kedgeree.

Credit: Lunch BXD

Credit: Lunch BXD

What else do you do to stay well apart from making (and I assume, consuming) awesome food?

We both try and exercise regularly, although it can be hard to balance against running a business. Anna does HIIT workouts at the gym and I’m training for a marathon. We both cycle to work too.

Are you going to be at any events this year? If so let us know!

Nothing confirmed yet :) We do have a new website being released in August though, so watch this space!


Want to give Lunch BXD a try? You can use the code SALAD for a 50% off your first lunch sample! So what are you waiting for? You can also call or email them on 0207 803 0871

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