Bike shops for women = heck yeah!

Credit: Bella Velo Credit: Bella Velo

Remember rummaging through a huge bike emporium (mentioning no names) for gear to make you look and feel great on the bike, but were instead confronted only by a) tonnes of bike apparel for boys and b) really square-looking women’s commuter wear that looked bulky and was also exclusively in pastel shades, like it had been forgotten by fashion aeons ago? Ah! Those were the days…

Thank goodness that time has passed. As well as the wonderful websites we’ve come to know and love, like VeloVixen, Cyclechic, Minx and Cycling for Girls we’re now seeing the beginnings of a new trend towards women’s specific stores. So let’s make the most of these awesome bike shops for women:


Bella Velo

Credit: Bella Velo

Credit: Bella Velo

It makes perfect sense that this shop should be in Surrey. After all it’s the home of the long and punishing Box Hill (if you’re in any doubt as to why it’s punishing take a peek at this hill profile) and also a regularly featured location for the Wiggle UK Cycling Events. Bella Velo was created as an antidote to the number of bike stores that cater more to men. Here, whether you’re a fair weather cyclist or keen for club runs, you have a wealth of the latest brands to try and most importantly, a great range of bikes.

But in many ways Bella Velo see themselves as more than a cycling store, they’re also dedicated to creating a community for women cyclists of all levels, and they pride themselves on providing gear and bike advice specifically tailored to women, as well as arranging group rides and events in a female friendly environment.


Everyone Bikes

Credit: Everyone Bikes

Credit: Everyone Bikes

Based in Battersea, Everyone Bikes looks more like a clothing boutique than a standard bike store –  which makes sense as it’s more than a standard bike store! It has a good mix overall and seems to be geared more towards relaxed and occasional cycling (think ‘rolling gently around the sunny English countryside’ rather than hacking it around Epping Forest off-road) but if you’re looking a new steed for the Tweed Run, this is your place. It was also started to address the (frankly woeful) options that exist in store for women cyclists, especially if they want to do it with a bit of style (hint: we do ;-)).

They do road brands well and are of the few London stores to stock the gorgeous range.




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