Asparagasm brings ‘four courses of the apocalypse’


Out of all the supper clubs that have graced London, there are few that have been as much of a boon to healthy eaters than Asparagasm. Living up to their cheeky strap line “No. fucking risotto.”, they have served up arguably one of the most immersive and original dining experiences in this city while being both vegan and gluten free.

On Thursday 7th, Friday 8th and Saturday 9th May they are back with their latest supper club, “Shaw’s Redemption” in honour of Irish Nobel prize winner George Bernard Shaw – the passionate and vocal grandfather of Victorian-era vegetarianism.

Highlights to come include a performance from the artiste Paka and Rusty, a life size fire-breathing mechanical horse and installations from steam punk group Circus Kinetica as they explore the wheel of the life with the “four courses of the apocalypse”.

The night will be hosted by Chefs Fredrik Bolin of Disappearing Dining Club, and Paul Foster; Executive Chef and the team have confirmed rumours of the new Asparagasm restaurant in Gloucestershire – opening date to be confirmed – an eatery that will surely attract a few city-dwelling supper club fans.

Photo © Asparagasm

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