A healthy day in: Brighton

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Today we begin with a monthly series of articles in which we tour cities outside of London to discover some delights for people like you, living a healthy life. Editor Heleana Quartey takes you on an eating tour of Brighton.

Brighton (for the uninitiated) is renowned as one of the best spots for healthy living outside of the capital. From juice bars, vegetarian restaurants, water sports, tonnes of great off-road biking trails for a range of abilities and if you’re a roadie, the challenging Ditchling Beacon. It even has a (rather good) Bikram studio – all of which more than makes up for the town’s disappointingly sand-free beach.

Because we were only there for a day, we decided to focus on restaurants. Starting with lunch at Food For Friends, the roast aubergine stuffed with spicy root vegetables topped with crushed pistachios had a smoky, Morrocan influence. I decided not to eat the tzatsiki tomato in the end as me and dairy do not get on very well in large quantities, so I prefer to ration it! Not least because I spent all of April on a raw food detox and wanted to ease myself in gently. The same went for the mezze dips they were served with, where I underestimated the amount of bread that would be served with it (normal for most people, just three times as much as I can handle at the moment).
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The next thing on the list was shopping – but while my partner was trying on some dresses I sneaked out on a quick juice bar hunt – and they have some lovely treats at Infinity Foods Kitchen, spin off of the main Infinity Foods store on North Road. We didn’t eat here, mainly because of our dinner plans, but I’m a sucker for a mezze platter so maybe next time!

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Another discovery during the day was another place on the ‘note now, eat there later’ list was VBites Brighton. It’s part of the company that produces soya burgers and other meat substitutes – the meals look quite heavy, so worth swinging by for a carb load before a long bike ride.

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Given the most strenuous thing we had planned that day was a stroll along the seafront, we skipped this new place and headed straight to the highlight of the evening: Terre a Terre.


Now it’s no secret that I adore this place. With a deep scarlet interior reminiscent of a Rothko painting, attentive staff and extensive wine list, it really does live up to its stated ambition as being a restaurant where vegetarianism is about “indulgence, rather than abstinence”. We shared the ‘Terre à Tapas Plate’, which contains a mixture of highlights from this menu. Highlights? The black seaweed pasta, and the sumac potato chips for sure.

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There are a few smaller cafes that we didn’t get a chance to visit such as Iydea, and Loving Hut, so we’ll be sure to add them to the list next time! A woman can only eat so much…


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